Karate ATX offers 90-minute adult classes once a week in Goju-Ryu Karate from beginners through advanced levels.

Benefits of karate training include improvement of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Karate also helps relieve stress and builds discipline, mental focus, and awareness.

Our training focuses equally on the three elements of traditional karate:

  • Kihon (Basic Techniques)

  • Kata (Forms)

  • Kumite (Sparring)

A typical group class includes the following training regimen:


  • Dynamic Stretches

  • Kihon (Basic Techniques)

  • Karate Cardio


  • Kata (Forms)

  • Partner Drills

  • Kumite (Sparring)


  • Static Stretches

Our goal is to make sure students are building strong bodies to sustain a high-level karate practice. Therefore, we always try to incorporate strength, speed, mobility, flexibility and stability exercises in our training regimen.


In Japanese, Goju-Ryu means "The Way of Hard and Soft" and it is one of four traditional Japanese styles of karate. The Goju-Ryu system incorporates closed hand techniques and linear attacks (hard), as well as open hand techniques and circular movements (soft).